Hey, thanks for clicking that link.
I figured you didn't want to scream to the twitterverse,
I've got 5 quick questions for you,
that take less than 5 minutes to complete.
I'm just trying to understand people's needs for a potential future project.
There is no sales pitch at the end.
You can leave your email if you'd like to stay in the loop for anything I develop in the future. That's up to you.
Let's do this
What is your current role in education? I raise a glass in honor of the amazing job you do.

How many years have you worked in education? If we're talking decades it could be a long drinking session.

In which country do you reside? Because I'll send a carton of our best Aussie red your way.

We all have dreams. So what do you dream about doing as an alternative?

Have you found any great resources to help you make the move? I'm talking websites, books, online courses, webconferences...

Thanks for taking five to tap that out.
You're awesome in all sorts of ways.
I'm done
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